Changing Career From Plumbing: How-To Guide

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Embarking on a career change can be an exhilarating yet daunting journey, especially for those transitioning from a skilled trade like plumbing. If you’re a plumbing professional considering a new career path, you’re not alone. This transition may open up a world of opportunities, leveraging your unique skill set in unexpected ways.

Get An Education

Depending on your new career choice, additional education or certifications may be necessary. As a plumber, you may have already attending plumbing school. Make note of your education and consider getting an additional degree if necessary.


Connect with professionals in your desired field to make your transition smoother. Networking can provide insights and open doors to new opportunities.

Update Your Resume

Highlight skills and experiences from your plumbing career relevant to your new field. If you possess any licenses or have experience running a business, this will help stand out from the crowd.

Possible Career Change Industries From Plumbing

If you’re a plumber, you may already have the education and experience needed to work in these fields.

  1. Construction and Project Management: Your experience in plumbing can be a strong foundation for roles in construction management or project coordination, where understanding trade work is an asset.
  2. Teaching and Training: Consider leveraging your expertise by teaching plumbing or vocational courses, shaping the next generation of tradespeople.
  3. Sales and Consulting: Your technical know-how can make you an excellent fit for sales roles in plumbing or construction-related industries.
  4. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Your hands-on experience in plumbing could be the stepping stone to start your own business in a related field.


Changing careers from plumbing is not just about leaving a job; it’s about leveraging your existing skills and experiences to explore new horizons. With thoughtful preparation and a clear understanding of your goals, this transition can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding new career path.

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