How To Start a Drain Cleaning Business

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How To Start a Drain Cleaning Business

Starting a drain cleaning business can be highly profitable, offering high profit margins and minimal overhead expenses. Furthermore, the industry is rapidly growing with an ever-increasing demand for services. Here’s what you need to know when starting your own sewer and drain cleaning business and start winning drain cleaning jobs.

Do You Need a License For Drain Cleaning?

While different states have different licensing requirements for plumbers, you do not need a plumbing license to clean drains.

That being said, getting a plumbing license will show that you possess sufficient expertise in sewer and drain cleaning, as well as provide you with all of the necessary tools and supplies for success.

If you plan on doing sewer cleaning as well, this will require a license in some states. The sewer system in most towns and cities is run by the local government, so proper permits and certifications are needed.

Regardless of the services you provide, you’ll need to register your business in your state as a Limited Liability Company, Corporation, or Sole Proprietorship.

Drain Cleaning

What Tools Do Drain Cleaners Need?

Your drain cleaning business will need to be equipped with the right tools. Here’s a list of drain cleaning tools needed to get any job done:

How To Get Drain Cleaning Customers

There are dozens of ways to get customers to hire your drain cleaning services. Some methods will work better than others depending on your location, numbers of employees, and available funding. Here are some tried and true ways to get customers:

How Much To Charge For Drain Cleaning Jobs

Drain cleaners normally charge around $99 for a standard job. For complex drain cleanings that require turning off the water supply, removing pipes, or using a machine auger, the charge is between $250 – $500.

When determining how to price a plumbing job, consider these factors to estimate how much to charge:

  • How long will the job take?
  • What tools are needed?
  • How far away is the job?
  • Are there risks involved?

Is a Drain Cleaning Business Profitable?

Yes, drain cleaning businesses have the potential for high profitability. This is due to the lack of costs associated with many drain cleaning jobs. For example, a plumber may charge $99 for a drain cleaning that only takes five minutes and a snake to fix.

Final Thoughts on Drain Cleaning Business

If you want to move quickly into this business, franchising might be your best bet. Franchising can help get your drain cleaning business off the ground faster than if you did it independently. However, you will have to invest in a franchise fee and a portion of your profits will go to the franchisor.

Owning a drain cleaning business not only offers financial rewards, but it can also bring about personal fulfillment and success. You get to build something unique that you can pass down to future generations while having the freedom to work when and how you please.

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