How to Get a Plumbing Job with No Experience

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Plumber No Experience

If you’re looking for a career that will offer stability and pay well, you should consider becoming a plumber. The trade is always in demand, and provides numerous ways to break into the industry. So even if you have no experience working in plumbing, there are still options for you to get a plumbing job. Here is our guide for new plumbers to get a job with no experience in the field.

The plumbing industry is constantly growing, and there are thousands of job opportunities for young people looking to get into the business. This is especially true for Generation Z and millennials, who want to have the stability of a steady income without having to worry about debt.

Get a High School Education

As is standard in just about every industry, you will need a high school diploma or GED certificate to become a plumber. Plumbing requires a basic understanding of math, science, reading, and writing.

If you’re too old to go back to high school, local colleges and trade schools offer GED programs or high school equivalency exams that will provide you with a high school education.

Consider Attending a Trade School

If you have a strong interest in becoming a plumber, it’s a good idea to pursue an associate’s degree or certificate through a local vocational school or trade school. You’ll have more time to pursue your studies and will be able to obtain a license more quickly.

A trade school will also help you gain work experience while you study. In addition, you’ll be able to use your training to find jobs in the field after graduation.

The right schooling for you will depend on your interests and your budget. For example, if you have access to an affordable trade school that offers an apprenticeship and a bachelor’s degree, you might choose to do both.

Another option is to take an online plumbing training course. These online programs are a great choice for those who don’t have the time or the money to go to college full-time.

Alternatively, you can also choose to attend a community college or technical school that has an accredited plumbing program. These programs are often shorter than an apprenticeship and are a great way to gain the education and hands-on experience that you need to work as a plumber.

Start a Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

The best way to get a plumbing job with no experience is to start as an apprentice. In this type of apprenticeship, you can learn the trade from a professional in a small team and get the training that you need to work as a journeyman plumber later on.

An apprenticeship can take a few years, but it will pay off in the long run and give you the experience and skills that will make you a valuable employee. Plus, many states require that you have an apprenticeship if you want to work as a licensed plumber.

No Experience? Apply to Entry Level Plumbing Jobs

Even if you don’t go to school or work as an apprentice, there are still entry level plumbing jobs available to candidates. While most jobs require experience or a license, you can look for entry level positions such as a plumber’s helper where you can get some experience on the job.

If you have no luck getting a full-time job, consider looking for plumbing side work to get some experience.