Superintendent of Utilities/HVAC/Plumbing and Electrical

Job Description

Creature is a fully integrated design, manufacture, construct firm based in Birmingham, AL. Formed out of a burden to be more efficient and effective than the traditional approach to architecture and construction, Creature is on the front-lines innovating and disrupting the AEC industry. By self-performing almost all their work, Creature can gain control of the supply chain and focus on what matters most: designing and building incredible buildings for their clients. Creature’s process is more economical, more efficient, and more engaging for the people running projects. If you’re tired of the status quo and want to be working in a cutting-edge and innovative environment, come join the team at Creature! Job Description: Creature is seeking a Mechanical/Plumbing Operations Manager to lead and manage our regional Mechanical and Plumbing work from Birmingham. This individual needs to work with a high-level of ownership, be a sharp communicator and problem-solver, and lead projects with excellence from start to finish. You will take ownership of the Mechanical/Plumbing value stream working alongside our Mechanical/Plumbing Superintendents, strong vision and leadership is non-negotiable. This person will be responsible and accountable for delivering HVAC, Plumbing and related systems for our medical and commercial clients on schedule and within budget for each project. This person will report directly to the CEO. Key Responsibilities: Daily communication with Architects, Superintendents, and key stakeholders across each project Manage multiple projects at a time Coordinate work through regular meetings and team huddles Plan project schedules alongside superintendents from start to completion of each project Lead key relationships with project owners, Creature superintendents, Creature skilled labor Lead in estimating projects and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget Manage expectations with clients to ensure timeliness and accuracy within projects Qualifications: 10 years’ experience in the commercial HVAC and plumbing sector of the construction industry. P and L responsibility of multiple projects either as Prime contractor or Subcontractor Comprehensive understanding of the design, estimating, procurement, installation, commissioning of mechanical and plumbing systems currently being used across the industry. Fully embrace Creature’s Core Values: Ownership versus Coordination – The more you divide up the tasks, the more coordination is required. The costs increase exponentially, simply because coordinating things is always more expensive than owning things themselves. Taking an accomplishment and making sure it was completed by doing whatever was necessary, regardless of the circumstances. Accomplishment over Activity – Sheer activity requires just as much effort with a fraction of the return on accomplishments. Completing work effort, getting a result, getting things done. Your role (job) has nothing to do with activities. Compelling Conscientiousness – Quality at any locus in an organization is a function of conscientiousness not, ultimately, of some program or technique. People who are conscientious preclude the errors that lead to poor quality, whether in a product or service. Paying attention to details, seeing something going on, and regardless if it is your job, addressing it, and making it right. Mastery of Communication – Competence begins and ends with mastery of the communication process, first for oneself, and then for the complex interdependencies you find yourself in. The ability to drive clarity, closure, and buy-in with a person or group. Accountability is reliability – The unwillingness of team members to tolerate the interpersonal discomfort that accompanies calling a peer on his or her behavior and the more general tendency to avoid difficult conversations. Members of great teams overcome these natural inclinations, opting instead to ‘enter the danger’ with one another. The enemy of accountability is ambiguity. Holding each other and/or our partners to results, calling out when there is a lack of results, and doing whatever it takes to get the result.

Job Details

Posted On: February 13, 2024
Valid Through: June 20, 2024
Job City: Denver
Job State: CO