Pennsylvania Plumbing Jobs

To be able to get Pennsylvania Plumbing Jobs, as a master plumber, you must have a license for which you should have worked for at least 2 years as a journeyman plumber. Besides that, you should have passed the required exam, provided proof of experience, had a high school diploma else a GED, been 21 years old, and completed a state-approved apprenticeship program.

The Pennsylvania state doesn’t have any requirement for a plumbing license currently. The average salary of a plumber in Pennsylvania is $24.16 per hour and the Pennsylvania plumbing salaries on an annual basis range between $31,220 and $99,099 which is higher than most states.

If you wish to apply for the position of a journeyman plumber in the state of Pennsylvania, you should be at least 18 years, with a high school diploma or GED, passed the relevant exam, completed a state-approved apprenticeship training program, and registered as an apprentice plumber for at least 4 years.

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