Washington DC Plumbing License: How to Become a Plumber in Washington DC

The District of Columbia requires plumbers, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics, electricians, asbestos workers, steam and operating engineers, elevator contractors, pipefitters, and others to obtain licenses. The Board of Industrial Trades, a division of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), issues licenses to all of these professionals, including the Washington DC plumbing license.

How to Get a Washington DC Plumbing License

Plumbers are licensed at the apprentice, journeyman, master and contractor levels. Each level of licensure has its own requirements and restrictions. To start, you’ll need to become an apprentice plumber.

Start a Plumbing Apprentice Program in Washington DC

To become an apprentice, start working as a plumbing helper or in an apprenticeship program that has been approved by the Board of Industrial Trades. Work under the direct supervision of a licensed plumber for at least four years before you can apply to the Board to take your journeyman license examination.

If you’ve already received an apprenticeship from a national certifying organization, you can provide documentation of completion and passing the exam from that organization.

Take the Exam and Become a Journeyman Plumber

After you’ve gained the required experience to pass the journeyman licensing exam, you can continue your education by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in plumbing or another field from a certified school or college.

After completing your degree, you can apply to the Board of Industrial Trades to sit for the master plumber license examination and pay a fee.

The Board of Industrial Trades maintains a database that lists active master plumbers and gas fitters in the District. Designated masters must renew their license before its expiration date by logging into DCRA’s online portal and uploading their renewal bond.