Thermal Cameras in the Plumbing Industry

Thermal Cameras in the Plumbing Industry

It is not every day that something comes along to change the way things are done in the plumbing industry. Since the 1950’s, when power tools hit the market, tools have gotten larger, faster, and cheaper and generally better. But, the ability to see where the air flow is seeping out of the house and where water may be leaking from pipes… that was impossible without following the pipe.

Thermal cameras usage

Thermal cameras can do what plumbers can’t, they recognize variation in temperature. When air, water, or steam are exiting and follow these to find the cause of water pressure or thermal problems. This method can be applied to the whole house. After all, what is the point of fixing one water leak, when two more exist? Having a wider screen is a nice feature. A screen with at least 45° will allow more of the picture to be seen at once. This is a huge time-saver. The larger camera tends to come with a larger traveling size, but even the larger ones are still pocket size.

Thermal cameras Thermometer

It is important to have a clear image on any camera you invest in. Yes, it is great to have a built-in screwdriver, flamethrower, and pocket watch, but, if you can’t see what is going on in the image your camera is useless. Most cameras which are scheduled to come out in 2015 or later, have a high-resolution. No blurred shapes, that stove actually looks like a stove on the screen. In those dark crawl spaces, those cameras can see better than you. The accuracy of the thermometer in the infrared camera can make the difference in how precise you get. As little as a few degrees difference can pinpoint those small, almost invisible to the naked eye leaks. Caulking and sealers can be accurately applied when you know exactly where to go. This saves time and money.

When inspecting heating systems, thermal cameras let you pinpoint how the hot or cold air is flowing into a residence or business. From the time it leaves the ducts, a hot or cold signature will show on the screen. If a vent is functioning as it should and there are no problems with the unit, the thermal camera can show you this beforehand. Think about all of the time and hassle saved, when you know in minutes that the heat is seeping under the door. Just like the 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combos, some cameras are available in touch screen form. Zooming in and out is easier than ever because many are similar to smartphones in their touch-screen function ability. It will not be long before thermal imaging equipment becomes an industry standard. It will be those who can save time with this technology that will have an edge above the competition. They will also be able to provide better service than they would be able to without this tool. Knowing the exact spot you need to fix before you really even begin can mean the difference between a good customer review and a GREAT one.