How To Recruit a Plumber

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How To Recruit a Plumber

Recruiting a plumber is an integral part of running a plumbing business. Finding the ideal candidate will guarantee your company provides top-notch service to all customers. If you want to recruit a plumber for your team, there are various strategies you can use to hire the top candidates.

The Process to Recruit a Plumber

Recruiting a plumber is a lengthy process. The process includes advertising, background checks, reference checks, interviews, and hiring.

A good recruiting strategy involves keeping an eye out for the best plumbing talent in the area without breaking the bank.

1. Plumbing Job Advertising

In order to find the best plumbing talent, you need to advertise your job posting.

While big sites like Indeed and Monster get lots of clicks, they also result in unqualified and uninterested applicants.

That’s why posting a job on gives you the best of both worlds.

Our job board is geared to plumbers only and our jobs are included in job networks such as the big hiring sites.

2. Managing Applications and Interviews

As you start to narrow down your applicant pool, you’ll need to begin interviewing candidates. For every number of plumbers you plan to hire, you should interview at least six candidates.

While considering the time and cost to interview more people, you’ll gain more insight to what you’re looking for by interviewing a lot of candidates.

3. Plumber Background Checks and Qualifications

In addition to checking a candidate’s criminal record, you may want to check if the worker for hire has a license. A license shows the candidate’s competency.

Consider sorting your candidates by education, years of experience, and license status to see who best fits your needs.

If you’re looking for an entry level plumber such as a plumbing apprentice, you’ll have some leeway with experience requirements.

Tips To Recruit a Plumber For a Full Time Position

Since hiring is a hard enough process, here are some tips to make sure you find the best candidates without overspending or wasting time.

Write A Job Description That You’d Apply For

The initial step to recruit a plumber is creating an exhaustive job description. This should contain all of the specific requirements, such as schooling and licensing, for the position.

Tailor your job description according to what qualifications and skills are necessary for your company, while including keywords that make searching for plumbing job openings online much simpler.

The best way to write a job description for plumbers is to imagine yourself in the shoes of an applicant. Ask yourself the following questions when creating your job listing:

  • Does this job sound interesting?
  • Does this company seem successful?
  • Is there room for growth in the company?
  • Does the team seem fun to be around?

Including information about your company culture and perks of the job will make candidates more interested in your role. By doing so, you’ll leave candidates happy to apply instead of resentful.

Additionally, ensure to provide your candidates with a variety of incentives that will attract them. For instance, you could guarantee overtime for late-night calls and pay extra travel time when an emergency plumber is required to come out quickly.

Include The Salary or Pay Range

If you’ve ever had to apply for a job, then you know how frustrating it is to not know the salary for the position. Then why would employers hide this information from people they want joining their company?

While employers may think hiding the salary gives them the best chance to reduce payroll costs, it does more harm than good.

By not disclosing your job’s salary, you are communicating to candidates that you’d be fine paying them minimum wage if you could.

If this sounds like you, then it’s no wonder you can’t hire a good plumber! No one wants to work for someone who is already negotiating against them before an application is even submitted.

By disclosing the salary of your job, you are showing that you’re capable of trust and that you actually know who you want to hire.

Furthermore, you’ll reduce the number of cancelled interviews, no-shows, and unsatisfied employees by being honest about salary.

If you’re unsure about determining a pay range, check out our plumber salary guide to learn more about how much to pay plumbers.

Get Your Job Listing Maximum Exposure

Not all plumbers will check online job boards for a new job opportunity. In fact, most plumbers might not be looking for a new job at all.

This means you need to go above and beyond to get your job listing in front of qualified plumbers. Here are some options for finding skilled candidates in places beyond a job board:

  • Plumber organizations
  • Trade shows
  • Plumbing unions
  • Community center
  • Local news
  • Review sites

Expand Your Candidate Pool

Instead of looking only for plumbers, you may want to look into hiring from related industries that employ plumbers. While many jobs require a plumber with a license, you might consider hiring an apprentice or those interested in becoming a plumber.

For example, maintenance workers who are used to physically laborious tasks on a regular basis could make great candidates for your plumber apprentice program.

Utilize Your Website and Network

A professional looking website that includes all of your company information will increase the reach of your plumber job posting. Additionally, create a career page where technicians can update their resumes and apply for open positions.

Your website is one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal, so it should be designed to convert visitors into customers. The same applies to job candidates; a great website with high-quality SEO for plumbers will show that your company is legit.

Make sure to share your job posting with friends, family, and fellow professional plumbers to get the word out that you’re hiring.

Plumbing Recruitment FAQ

How Long Does it Take to Recruit a Plumber?

If you’re hiring a plumber to join your company then the hiring process can take between 7 – 30 days. Taking the time to check out your options can save you a lot of headaches in the future. If it takes longer than you anticipated, know that this is better than a bad employee hurting the value of your business.

Should I Hire a Plumbing Recruiter or Staffing Agency?

While plumber recruiters can help find the right candidate, it is often not worth the cost to hire a recruiting or staffing agency. Plus, they’ll often just send the same candidates you’d find on regular job boards.

How much does a recruitment agency for plumbers cost?

Most recruitment agencies charge 10% of a plumber’s salary for their services. If your job pays $60,000 per year, then the agency will charge you $6,000.

Recruit a Plumber on

In order to get your job in front of qualified plumbers, you need to post your jobs in the right place.

While sites like Indeed get a lot of views, their listings are costly and filled with unqualified candidates. Instead, post your job on to make sure plumbers know you’re serious about hiring.

Our job board automatically posts all job listings to aggregators like Google Jobs so job seekers can find your listing when searching online.

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