What is a Plumbing Dispatcher?

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What is a Plumbing Dispatcher?

A plumbing dispatcher is a vital part of every service call in a residential plumbing business. They schedule and route calls efficiently, dispatch the right techs to the right jobs and ensure timely customer communication—all of which helps drive revenue.

Recruiting and hiring the right dispatchers can be challenging, especially in a competitive job market. But with a detailed and compelling plumbing dispatcher job description, you can attract the best candidates for your company.

Communicating with Plumbers On The Road

A plumbing dispatcher’s ability to communicate effectively with field service technicians and customers is critical for delivering efficient service. It’s also important for preventing mishaps that negatively impact customer experience and company revenue.

Modern field service management tools empower dispatchers to instantly communicate with their deskless workers through a single source of truth, which makes it easy for them to share critical information in real time. They can use this to quickly send new assignments, alert deskless workers about customer updates on service requests, and more.

Dispatchers can also use this technology to collect valuable insights about their dispatch process that can be used to improve it. They can aggregate and analyze data like scheduling speed, response rates, travel times, and more to find data-driven improvements that deliver greater efficiency and customer delight.

Scheduling Plumber’s Jobs

A plumbing dispatcher has to be able to schedule jobs in the most effective way. This includes coordinating with other plumbers and customers, tracking progress, and allocating resources.

Scheduling can be challenging, especially for smaller companies, so it’s important to choose a scheduling solution that’s easy to use and supports efficient work flow. It should also offer reliable support and regular updates.

This will help you complete more projects on time and within budget, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

Using schedule optimization software can dramatically increase your productivity by allowing you to more accurately schedule appointments. This means fewer service window gaps, better customer satisfaction, and faster field service times.

Rather than relying on scribbled notes, use a cloud-based scheduling app that automatically updates job details as they move through the workflow. This saves your dispatcher and technicians time. It also makes your company look more professional to your customers by displaying important information like when each job is expected to end.

Customer Service

A plumbing dispatcher plays an important role in a home service business. They match service calls with technicians in a way that maximizes opportunity and delivers exceptional customer service.

Dispatchers are highly organized and skilled at managing service calls. They prioritize the most urgent customer calls, relaying accurate information to the technicians who arrive at the job site.

They also communicate regularly with customers throughout the day to update them on the progress of each technician.

The customer service skills a plumbing dispatcher needs to be successful are professionalism, patience, and empathy. While these qualities may not always come naturally, they can be learned and improved upon.


A well-organized plumbing dispatcher can be a lifesaver when it comes to scheduling plumbers in a pinch. They also need to be able to track vehicles and coordinate with dispatchers and office staff on the fly. A top-of-the-line dispatching software system can help you streamline the process.

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