How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Arkansas

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If you want to start a career as a plumber in Arkansas, you will need to get an Arkansas plumbing license. This will allow you to work legally and protect your company and customers.

Arkansas Plumbing License Requirements

In the state of Arkansas, it is against the law to engage in any plumbing contractor work unless you possess a license. The only exception is working on your personal residence or an agricultural building.

To become a licensed plumber in Arkansas, you must start as an apprentice and register accordingly.

The apprenticeship requires that you work under the guidance and supervision of a licensed plumber for a minimum of four years.

Once you have gained four years of documented work experience, you can apply for a journeyman license.

After a year of work with a journeyman license, you can apply for a master plumber license.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in Arkansas

In Arkansas, plumbers can obtain one of three levels of licensure, including Apprentice Registration, Journeyman License, and Master License.

However, if you aspire to become a general contractor, you must acquire a contractor’s license from the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board.

When handling plumbing work, you are still required to obtain a trade license, which may be a journeyman plumber license or a master plumber license.

Cost to Get an Arkansas Plumbing License

To obtain a plumbing license or registration in Arkansas, the costs may vary, as reported by the State Committee of Plumbing Examiners.

Contact them at 501-661-2642 for more information. Here is an overview of the fees and requirements for each level of licensure:

  • For Apprentice Registration, no testing is necessary, but you will need to pay an initial registration fee of $25, as well as a renewal fee of $25.
  • For Journeyman License, an examination fee of $75 is required, along with an initial license fee of $75 and a renewal fee of $75.
  • For Master License, you will need to pay an examination fee of $125, an initial license fee of $200, and a renewal fee of $200.

Arkansas Plumbing License Exams

Every month, the State Committee of Plumbing Examiners convenes to evaluate requests to participate in the licensing exams.

The Department of Health, Plumbing & Natural Gas Section website releases the test dates for both the Journeyman License and the Master License on a monthly basis.

The exams are open-book and consist of 100 questions, with a maximum of three hours given to complete them. Achieving a score of 70% or higher is necessary to pass each of the exams.

However, when applying for a general contractor’s license, you will be required to take a business and law exam.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Department of Health oversees the testing and certification process for both HVAC and plumbing licenses.

The Protective Health Codes Division manages both the Arkansas Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) Board and the State Committee of Plumbing Examiners.

These committees oversee and enforce the Arkansas Mechanical, Plumbing, and Fuel Gas Codes, which establish the minimum standards for the installation, alteration, and repair of mechanical and plumbing equipment and systems in the state of Arkansas.

To obtain an application for a plumbing license, individuals may contact the Arkansas Department of Health, Plumbing & Natural Gas Section at 4815 West Markham Street, Slot #24, Little Rock, AR 72205-3867, or call (501) 661-2642.

Additional Plumbing Certifications in Arkansas

There are numerous additional certifications available that can exhibit your competency to potential employers and clients.

While not mandatory, certifications such as those offered by National Inspection Testing and Certification (NITC), International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (ASSE Certifications), and other professional organizations can improve your appeal as a job candidate or enhance your desirability to customers.

Can I Transfer a Plumbing License to Arkansas?

There is no plumbing license reciprocity in Arkansas, meaning you cannot transfer an out of state license to Arkansas.

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