How to Become a Licensed Plumber in New Mexico

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In New Mexico, plumbers are required to be licensed as either apprentice plumbers or journeyman plumbers. Then, plumbers who are licensed and own their own businesses must obtain a plumber contractor license. So read on to learn more about getting plumbing jobs in New Mexico.

New Mexico Plumbing License Requirements

The first step in starting a plumbing career is to obtain an apprentice plumber license. A candidate must apply to a plumbing company or sponsor that offers plumbing apprentice programs.

New Mexico Apprentice Plumber License

The apprenticeship programs include four years of on-the-job training under licensed plumbers and 144 hours of related classroom instruction from a plumber’s union, a trade school, or a community college.

To qualify for this training, the candidate must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED, a photo ID, and a valid driver’s license.

Many apprenticeship programs require the candidate to pass a drug test. This license allows the individual to perform plumbing work under the supervision of a licensed journeyman plumber or plumbing contractor.

When this program is completed, the sponsoring company must submit a signed affidavit acknowledging the apprentice’s work experience.

New Mexico Journeyman Plumber License

After completing the apprenticeship plumbing program, a person applies for approval from PSI Exams to take the journeyman licensing exam.

The applicant needs to fill out an application and submit the signed affidavit documenting their work experience and classroom training.

With approval, the applicant may register online for the new Mexico Journeyman Licensing Exam or in person at exam locations in Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Farmington, Albuquerque, or Roswell. These examinations include written and practical sections and cost a combined fee of $137.76.

The written portion of the exam contains 70 questions and the candidate must attain a score of 75%. The practical exam has 50 questions and also requires a score of 75%. there is a list of permitted reference materials allowed in the exam room.

After passing the journeyman exam the applicant must submit a journeyman license application to PSI along with a $75 application fee.

Once the license is granted and the plumber is working, they are required to take part in 16 hours of approved continuing education every three years to keep their license active.

New Mexico Plumbing Contractor License

To get a Plumbing contractor license a person must have a journeyman license and employ at least one journeyman plumber.

They will need to apply for and take a contractor exam via PSI, a law exam, and a trade exam. Then, they must fulfill other state requirements for the New Mexico Contractor License.

New Mexico Plumbing License Exam

Licensing exams are required at all levels of New Mexico plumbing licensing.

The journeyman’s licensing exam is lengthy and covers all aspects of the plumbing profession, including questions about drainage waste and vents, water supply systems, backflow prevention, storm drainage systems, plumbing fixtures, septic and sewer, and general knowledge of plumbing practice and regulations.

The practical part of the exam covers all aspects of plumbing installations and assemblies covering plumbing pipes, fittings, plumbing fixtures, and more.

The New Mexico Plumbing Contractor’s license exam includes parts on contractor exam, law exam, and trade exam. The exam must be passed to obtain a contractor’s license.

Cost of Getting a Plumbing License in New Mexico

The cost of obtaining a plumber’s license at any of the levels includes training and education costs, exam costs, and license costs. These costs vary by the type of training. New Mexico has some great plumbing training programs at the following institutions.

  • New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
  • Northern New Mexico College
  • Central New Mexico Community College
  • Associate Builders and Contractors New Mexico

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in New Mexico?

Plumbing licenses for journeymen are issued by the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, or RLD.

Plumbing contractor licenses are issued by the Construction Industries and Manufactured Housing Division in New Mexico.

New Mexico Plumbing Certifications

There are also national certifications available for plumbers to demonstrate professional proficiency.

They include the National Inspection Testing and Certification, or NITC, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, or ASSE, certifications, and others.