How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Connecticut

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Plumbers are in high demand in Connecticut, with plumbing jobs in Connecticut growing every year. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the job outlook will grow two percent in the next decade. However, in Connecticut, the projected job outlook is 15 percent. What must a person know if they wish to work as a plumber in this state?

Connecticut Plumbing License Requirements

Any person doing plumbing work in the state of Connecticut must hold a license. An apprentice needs a plumbing license, just as a contractor does. All professional licenses are issued by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. In addition, this department oversees the Plumbing and Piping Work Examining Board.

Types of Plumber Licenses in Connecticut

A person can apply for one of eight plumbing licenses in Connecticut. The type of license obtained depends on the work the person wishes to perform. Each license comes with a unique code and outlines the scope of work the plumber can do. In addition, the licensure requirements vary by the license type. This license is issued to journeypersons and contractors. The apprentice works under the license of the person overseeing the work.

Cost of a Plumbing License in Connecticut

Every person who wishes to work as a plumber in Connecticut must begin their career as a registered apprentice. This helps to keep the licensing cost down. Applying for a journeyman license comes with a $90 fee and the exam runs another $65. Upon completion of the exam, the individual pays $120 for the license.

Individuals who wish to get a contractor’s license will pay $150 to apply. The exam for a contractor’s license is $130 for both portions. When the individual successfully passes the exam, they pay an initial license fee of $150. Each license must be renewed annually by October 31. The renewal fee for a journeyman is $120. A contractor pays $150 to renew the license.

Licensing Examinations

PSI Exams administers all professional licensing exams in the state. The journeyman exam differs from the contractor exam. A person who wishes to take the contractor exam will take two exams. The first exam is the trade exam for the license they wish to obtain. The second exam is the Connecticut Business and Law Examination.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Connecticut?

All tradespersons in the state of Connecticut are overseen by the Department of Consumer Protection. This includes HVAC professionals and electricians as well as plumbers.

Plumbing Certifications

Many people choose to obtain one or more plumbing certifications to distinguish themselves in the field. The National Inspection Testing and Certification is one to consider. However, some people choose to pursue the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials certification. This is a matter of preference, as no certifications are required by the state.

A career in the plumbing industry is rewarding. People know they remain in high demand as they help others solve problems they are experiencing. When a plumber goes home at night, they know they have changed the world for the better. Learn more today about this career to see if it is right for you.