How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts requires a license for just about every plumbing job in the state. This ensures plumbers are trained to work with gas and water fixtures safely and effectively. How does a person become a plumber in this Massachusetts?

License Requirements

Massachusetts, like many other states, requires all plumbers to be licensed. This includes apprentices and masters. The individual must complete a training program or apprenticeship and work their way up in the field.

To obtain an apprentice license, a person must fill out an application and be enrolled in a plumbing program or working under a master plumber. Individuals desiring a journeyman license must have 6,800 hours of work experience and 550 hours of plumbing and gas-fitting theory. They must also pass an exam covering these topics.

A person may only apply for a master license if they have at least one year or a minimum of 1,700 hours of practical experience working under a master plumber. In addition, this individual must complete the 110 hour Tier Five portion of the five-tier Plumber Educational Program.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in Massachusetts

Individuals may obtain one of three licenses in Massachusetts to work as a plumber. The options are apprentice, journeyman, and master.

Massachusetts Plumbing Licensing Fees

The Apprentice Plumber Application fee is $14 and must be renewed every two years at a cost of $40. The application fee for a journeyman’s license is $31. Once this is paid, the individual pays the $80 PSI testing fee. The license is $52 and the renewal fee is $52. The fees for a master plumber’s license are similar. However, the license and renewal fees are $78.

Licensing Exams

Anyone wishing to obtain a journeyman or master plumber’s license in Massachusetts must pass an exam before the license will be granted. These exams are based on the state plumbing code.

The Journeyman/ Master Plumber Part I exam consists of 80 questions and the student must complete this test in 160 minutes. Topics covered include venting, water supply, and joints.

The Journeyman/Master Plumber Part II exam is 40 questions and students have 160 minutes to answer these questions. Topics covered include gas piping and general trade calculations. The student must get 70 percent of these questions right at a minimum to pass.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Massachusetts?

All professional licenses within the state are issued by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure. The Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters regulates those working in the industry.

Plumbing Certifications

Any person working in the plumbing industry might wish to pursue professional certifications. Doing so may increase this individual’s job opportunities. One certification a person might want to consider is the National Inspection Testing and Certification. However, others may also be of benefit, so a plumber should consider all certifications to find those that are right for them.

Learn more about a career as a plumber. Individuals in this field remain in high demand, so job stability is never an issue. Many people find this reason is enough to make them want to learn more, and they should. This is an outstanding career for many people.