How to Become a Licensed Plumber in South Carolina

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South Carolina requires plumbers and contractors to be licensed. Learn more about how to get a South Carolina plumbing license and start working on plumbing jobs in the state.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in South Carolina

South Carolina offers two different types of plumbing licenses:

  • Residential Specialty Plumbing Contractor License
  • Mechanical Contractor License

The Residential Specialty Plumbing Contractor License is required for any professional providing residential plumbing repairs and installations that exceed $200.

The Mechanical Contractor License is geared toward commercial plumbing services over $5,000.

Cost to Get a Plumbing License in South Carolina

Becoming a licensed plumber in South Carolina costs $25 for the application fee and another $100 for the certification exam.

To obtain a Mechanical Contractor License, applicants must pay anywhere from $175 to $350, depending on various factors.

From there, applicants must pay $75 for the business law portion of the licensing exam and another $75 for the business management exam.

For a Residential Speciality Contractor License, the application fee is $100 with another $150 added on for the residential plumbing and business management and law exams.

Those who take all portions of the test at the same time get a significant discount for a total cost of only $90. Upon passing the exams, applicants must pay $80 for licenses issued between July 1 of even-numbered years and June 30 of odd-numbered years.

Licenses issued between July 1 of odd-numbered years and June 30 of even-numbered years cost $160.

Licensing Exams

Each level of plumbing certification and licensure in South Carolina has its own requirements.

For journeyman and master plumber certifications, certain amounts of work experience are required. Those are detailed in the documents accompanying the certification paperwork.

Exams cover numerous points, including general plumbing, legal matters, and business management knowledge.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, plumbing licenses are issued through the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.

Residential Plumbing Contractor Licenses are issued by the Residential Builders Commission, and commercial licenses are provided by the Contractor’s Licensing Board.

Journeymen and master plumbers can receive initial certification through the state’s Municipal Association.

Additional Plumbing Certifications

Journeymen and master plumbers can receive state certification through the Municipal Association to bolster their careers and reputations.

Further, plumbing contractors can pursue NITC and ASSE certifications to build their credentials. Extra certification isn’t required for contractors, but it’s recommended to improve a plumber’s reputation.

Can I Transfer a Plumbing License to South Carolina?

While South Carolina does not offer plumbing license reciprocity, the state may offer exam waivers or fee waivers for licensed plumbers from out of state.

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