How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Washington

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Highly skilled and experienced plumbers are in high demand across Washington. Nearly every plumbing company in the Washington state needs licensed plumbers to help meet the growing needs of its clients. Furthermore, the plumbing companies already operating throughout the state are struggling to keep up with their clients’ demands, meaning new businesses in the industry could help bridge the growing gap.

Plumbing License Requirements in Washington

Washington has made plumbing licenses mandatory for anyone in the field who is providing services for other people.

Even apprentices need to be registered with the state and certified to ensure consistent safety and quality of service.

New plumber license requirements were recently put into play as well, affecting the industry in its entirety.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in Washington?

Different plumbing licenses are required in Washington. Apprentices must be at least 16 years old, have trainee certificates, and work under the direct supervision of a plumber who has obtained journeyman status or higher.

Next in line is the Journeyman License. To acquire this license, trainees must have at least 8,000 hours of hands-on work with half of that being in the field of commercial or industrial plumbing.

Journeymen can also gain certification in medical gas piping after completing at least 32 hours of training through a relevant accredited course.

Residential Plumber Licenses are also available to those who spend at least three years working in this field of specialty. Residential Service Plumber Licenses enable plumbers to legally provide more extensive services.

Pump and Irrigation Plumber Licenses are likewise possible. Acquiring this license requires working under a plumber who is licensed in this specialty for at least 4,000 hours.

Plumbers in Washington can also obtain Domestic Well and Backflow Plumber Licenses after gaining the necessary training and experience. Plumbing Contractor Licenses can be earned as well.

Cost of Plumbing Licenses in Washington

Plumber trainees must pay $56.40 to obtain their certificates and another $56.40 annually to maintain them.

Plumber licensing exams cost $189.80, and the Medical Gas Piping endorsement costs $69.80. An additional $80 is required for taking the three basic portions of the journeyman and residential plumber exams. Others cost an extra $50 per section.

Licensing fees are $156.70 for Medical Gas Endorsements; $157.20 for Backflow Specialty Certification; $227.90 for Journeyman, Residential Plumbing, and Residential Service Licenses; and $228 for Domestic Pump and Pump Irrigation Licenses.

Plumbing Contractor Licenses cost $139.10 plus additional necessary expenses for insurance and bonding.

Plumber Licensing Exams in Washington

Journeyman and Residential License exams consist of three portions totaling 150 questions while additional portions of the exam range from 45 to 100 questions each.

Applicants are allowed 90 minutes to complete their exams. Scores of at least 70 percent are required to pass.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Washington?

Plumbing certificates and licenses are issued by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Anyone providing plumbing services must be registered with the Washington State Plumber Certification Program. Anyone who isn’t is operating illegally.

Other Certifications Available for Washington Plumbers

Aside from the required certificates and licenses, plumbers in Washington can obtain other professional certifications. These are available from the NITC and ASSE among other organizations in the plumbing industry.

Certifications like these can make plumbers and contractors appear more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients.

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