How to Become a Licensed Plumber in New York

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Plumbers are required to be licensed to work in New York. With the proper education and training, plumbers can get a license and start working on plumbing jobs in the state. Discover what it takes to become a licensed plumber in New York.

New York Plumbing License Requirements

Plumbing licenses in New York are not awarded at the state level. Rather, county and city governments oversee and license plumbers depending on their location.

As a result, the area where plumbers work dictates the licensing process. New York City offers a licensing guide for their locality.

In 2020, a uniform Plumbing Code was passed to regulate state plumbing requirements. While New York plumbing exams are not uniform, they cover similar information.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in New York

To determine the types of available plumbing licenses in New York, check the county or city requirements in the area where you will work.

For example, New York City offers the following types of plumbing licenses:

  • Journeyman license
  • Master license

In New York City, a master’s plumber license is necessary to perform unsupervised work.

Therefore, a journeyman plumber must register with the DOB and work under a master’s supervision.

In other counties, there is also the category Journeyman Repair License.

Cost to Get a Plumbing License in New York

The license cost depends on when you start your education and the country where you intend to practice plumbing. In most NY localities, the cost of a license includes:

  • $500 in application fees (background check, application, etc.)
  • $350 in exam fees
  • $50 in license renewal fees

These costs can vary, but largely apply to both journeyman and master licenses across the state. Applicable fees may include exams, license, seal, plate, and a renewal fee every three years.

Licensing Exams

Each county and city in New York has unique examination systems and requirements per the 2020 New York Plumbing Code.

No exam is necessary for a journeyman plumber license in New York City, but some areas require one. Candidates should research the requirements in the county or city where they want to work.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in New York?

The universal plumbing code in New York ensures well-trained plumbers provide the same work quality throughout the state. However, each city or county within the state issues plumber licenses.

For example, licenses in NYC are administered by the NYC Buildings Department.

Additional Plumbing Certifications

Professional certifications can be earned from the International Association of Plumbing, Mechanical Officials (ASSE) and National Inspection Testing and Certification (NITC).

Many plumbers find these certifications can help them become marketable to potential customers and employers.

Certified plumbers often find they have more opportunities to land the best jobs.

Can I Transfer a Plumbing License to New York?

There is no plumbing license reciprocity in New York, meaning plumbers cannot transfer out of state licenses into the state.