How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Tennessee

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The demand for plumbing services is growing faster in Tennessee than in many other states. That means ample job openings are available across Tennessee right now, and even more will arise in the years to come. But to become a plumber in Tennessee, a plumbing license is needed.

Plumbing License Requirements in Tennessee

Plumbers in Tennessee must have a license to operate. In Tennessee, licenses are issued at both the local and state levels.

Journeymen and master plumbers receive their licenses through the cities and counties in which they’ll be providing services.

Contractors, on the other hand, receive their licenses from the state. Certain municipalities have their own licensing requirements though licensed Certified Mechanical Contractors and plumbers with Contractor Plumbing and Gas Piping licenses aren’t required to receive additional licensing at the municipal level.

In contrast to some states, Tennessee has reciprocity agreements with several states.

That means their plumber licenses are accepted elsewhere. Those states include North and South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in Tennessee

Plumbers can obtain different types of licenses in Tennessee. Limited Licensed Plumbers meet general statewide requirements for knowledge and skills.

Full Mechanical Contractor Licenses require knowledge and experience in plumbing as well as HVAC. Plumbing and Gas Piping Contractor Licenses don’t require HVAC knowledge.

As noted, additional licenses may be needed for plumbers providing services in various cities and counties in Tennessee.

Cost of a Plumbing License in Tennessee

For the state plumbing exam, the Limited Licensed Plumber test, and the business and law portion of the contractor exam, the cost is $57 each.

To obtain the Contractor Plumbing and Gas Piping or Full Mechanical Contractor License, the application fee is $250 apiece.

Additional exam and licensing fees may apply at the city and county levels. Initial training generally costs about $2,500 per year for an apprenticeship and up to $5,000 annually for technical school tuition.

Plumbing Licensing Exams in Tennessee

The Full Mechanical Contractor License exam in Tennessee has 120 questions and must be completed in 325 minutes or less while the CMC-A exam has 110 questions that must be completed within 295 minutes.

The law and business management portion of the contractor exam consists of 50 questions, and participants are allotted 140 minutes. Other exams may be required for local licensing.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Tennessee?

Plumbing licenses in Tennessee are issued by the Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors’ Department of Commerce and Insurance.

This organization issues state plumbing licenses. Local licenses are issued via various city and county authorities.

Additional Certifications for Plumbers in Tennessee

Plumbers who wish to acquire additional certifications beyond their required licenses have several options to choose from.

National Inspection Testing and Certification is a common choice, as is the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

These certifications aren’t required, but plumbers and contractors can certainly benefit and set themselves apart in their field by gaining added credentials.

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