Wisconsin Plumbing License: How to Become a Plumber in Wisconsin

If you want to become a plumber, it is important to know the steps involved in getting your Wisconsin plumbing license. The process can be difficult, but it is well worth it.

How to Get a Plumbing License in Wisconsin

The first step in becoming a licensed plumber in the state of Wisconsin is to complete an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a structured program of study and hands-on training that includes the supervision of a master plumber. This can take several years and requires that you be at least 18 years old.

After your apprenticeship, you can apply for a journeyman license. A journeyman license allows you to work without the supervision of a master plumber. You can then apply for a master plumber license after you have gained several years of experience as a journeyman.

The next step in the licensure process is to register your apprenticeship with DSPS. You will need to attach a copy of your apprenticeship certificate.

There are two types of plumber licenses in the state of Wisconsin: a journeyman and a master. A master plumber can perform all of the tasks typically associated with a plumbing contractor, including installation, repair, and inspection.

Reciprocal Licensing

If you’re moving to Wisconsin from another state and are looking for a way to jumpstart your career, consider using license reciprocity. This is a process that makes it easier for plumbing contractors to transfer their licenses from one state to another.