How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Wyoming

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Plumbing is a complex and diverse field. In the state of Wyoming, both residents and business owners require a variety of plumbing services, including installations, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. They need highly qualified plumbers to provide those services to ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of their plumbing systems.

Plumbing License Requirements in Wyoming

Like most states, Wyoming requires apprentices, journeymen, master plumbers, and plumbing contractors to be licensed.

Unlike other states, though, Wyoming doesn’t license its plumbers at the state level. Instead, professionals in the industry are licensed locally.

Types of Plumber Licenses in Wyoming

As mentioned, plumbers in Wyoming are licensed locally. Each city in Wyoming has its own licensing requirements.

In many cases, plumbers at all levels need to be licensed from apprentices and journeymen to masters and contractors.

As a general rule of thumb, apprentices need to complete at least four years of training before applying for their Journeyman Licenses.

Another three to five years of experience qualify journeymen to apply for their Master Plumber Licenses depending on the area in which they’re operating.

Plumbers applying for their Plumbing Contractor Licenses must meet local requirements as well.

Those typically include meeting specific insurance coverage requirements and demonstrating knowledge of business law and management among other points.

Cost to Get Plumbing Licenses in Wyoming

Plumbing license costs vary across Wyoming. Apprentice Licenses can range from $3 to $20 or more depending on the area in question.

Journeyman Licenses can cost anywhere from $25 to $80, and master plumbers may pay $75 to $100 for their licenses.

Contractor licenses cost an average of $300. Exam fees and other expenses may enter the mix as well. Tuition for apprentice programs and other accredited training may come into play, too.

Wyoming Plumbing License Exams

In general, those applying for Plumber Apprentice Licenses don’t need to take exams to qualify.

After all, apprentices are only just beginning their journeys in the field of plumbing. For journeymen, masters, and contractors, though, exams are required.

As is the case with licensing requirements, those vary by location. Plumber licensing exams typically test both written and hands-on knowledge.

For the most part, scores of 75 percent or higher are required on Wyoming plumbing license exams.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Wyoming?

Since Wyoming doesn’t have state-level plumber licensing, no single, all-inclusive source is responsible for issuing plumbing licenses. Rather, licenses are issued by city plumbing boards and other organizations.

In Casper, Wyoming, the City of Casper Contractor’s Board of License and Appeals issues licenses.

In Cheyenne, this is handled by the City of Cheyenne Contractor Licensing Board. Those are only a couple of examples of local plumber licensing organizations.

Extra Certifications for Plumbers in Wyoming

Beyond local licensing and endorsements, plumbers in Wyoming can earn extra certifications. Some agencies, like the ASSE and NITC, provide national certifications.

Several additional professional certifications are available for plumbers as well. These credentials aren’t required by law, but they can certainly help to reinforce plumbers’ and contractors’ professional reputations and qualifications.

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