How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Georgia

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Georgia residents and businesses need highly qualified plumbers. If you’re interested in finding a plumbing job in Georgia, a professional plumbing license is required.

Georgia Plumber Licensing Requirements

First off, those who want to become licensed plumbers in the state of Georgia must participate in an apprenticeship or complete relevant programs through a trade school. Plumber apprentices don’t need licenses to operate, but they must work under the guidance of a licensed master plumber. To apply for a plumbing license, apprentices must be at least 18 years old and be physically capable of handling the demands of the industry.

Applicants must also gain at least three years of experience under a master plumber to move up to the status of journeyman. From there, journeymen have to acquire an additional two years of experience to apply for a master plumber license.

Hopeful licensees are required to pass applicable exams with a score of at least 70 percent. They also have to pay certain required fees and provide three sources of character references to ensure they’re upstanding and attest to their qualifications.

Types of Plumber Licenses in Georgia

In Georgia, there are three types of plumber licenses. The first is the Journeyman License for which prospects must have three years of relevant documented work experience.

Next is the Master License Class 1 Restricted. It requires at least five years of work experience with two of those occurring after acquiring a Journeyman License. Plumbers at this level are restricted to providing residential plumbing services and small-scale commercial services.

Lastly, there’s the Master License Class 2 Unrestricted License. Initial requirements for this license are similar to those of an unrestricted Master Plumber License with a few additional ones. Applicants must provide proof of experience working as a journeyman or as a contractor, foreman, or superintendent in the plumbing sector. Providing military plumbing services can be used as a qualification as well.

Cost to Get a Plumber License in Georgia

To obtain a Journeyman License in Georgia, applicants must pay an application fee of $30 and an exam fee of $223. For Master Plumber Licenses, the $30 application fee applies along with a $267 exam fee. Both licenses require additional $75 renewal fees every two years.

Georgia Plumber Licensing Exams

Plumber licensing exams in Georgia are administered by PSI Testing Services. For the journeyman exam, there are 20 pre-test questions and 100 test questions. On the class 1 master exam, there are 24 preliminary questions and 120 test questions.

For an unrestricted license, applicants must answer 28 pre-test questions and 140 test questions. Journeyman exams consist of five hours of testing while those taking the master test are allotted seven hours.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Georgia?

Only certain organizations are authorized to issue plumbing licenses. In Georgia, it’s the Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board Division of Master and Journeyman Plumbers.

Additional Georgia Plumbing Certifications

Plumbers in Georgia aren’t required to obtain additional certification beyond their licenses. That being said, some choose to do so to boost client trust and bolster their credentials. National Inspection Testing and Certification and certification through the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials are among the most common.

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