How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Indiana

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If you’re interested in how to become a plumber in Indiana, you’ll need to get a plumbing license. Learn more about the process and how to get plumbing jobs in Indiana.

Indiana Plumbing License Requirements

In Indiana, it’s illegal to perform plumbing work without a state-issued license.

The exception is plumbing apprentices, who must work under a licensed plumber but only need to be registered with the state.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in Indiana

There are two types of plumbing licenses in Indiana:

  • Journeyman license
  • Plumbing contractor license

While Indiana does not offer apprentice licenses, apprentices must be registered with the state.

Registering as an apprentice requires being at least 17 years old and enrolling in an approved apprenticeship program.

The first level of plumbing license in Indiana is a journeyman plumber.

To qualify for a journeyman plumbing license, Indiana residents must complete their apprenticeship programs or prove that they are already licensed as plumbers in another state.

To be eligible to take the plumbing contractor exam, applicants must complete their apprenticeships and prove that they are licensed journeyman plumbers.

The state also makes exceptions for those who can prove that they have been in the plumbing business under the direction of a licensed contractor for at least four years or that they are licensed in another state.

Cost to Get a Plumbing License in Indiana

The costs to get plumbing licenses in Indiana vary, but they are low compared to most states.

Apprentices must pay $10 registration and renewal fees, and that’s all.

Journeyman plumbers pay different license fees depending on the year. In odd years, the license fee is $15. In even years, it’s $30.

Renewal fees are always the same at $30 every two years, and exam fees are always $75.

The system for plumbing contractor license fees is similar.

In odd years, a plumbing contractor license costs $50. In even years, it costs $100.

The exam fee is $100, and plumbing contractors must renew their licenses every two years, which costs an additional $100 per renewal.

Licensing Exams

Indiana has a contract with Prov to conduct plumbing licensure exams.

Details regarding the exams, including where and how to apply, can be found in the organization’s Candidate Information Bulletin.

However, the application process must be initiated through the Indiana Plumbing Commission.

Prospective applicants should wait until they have been notified by the IPC to contact Prov and schedule an exam.

Exams can be taken up to seven times within a two-year period, but candidates must attempt the exam at least once in the first year after being approved to take it.

The Journeyman Plumber exam consists of 90 questions that must be completed within three hours. The questions will cover subjects such as:

  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Stormwater systems
  • Water heaters
  • Water supply
  • Water distribution
  • Sanitary drainage
  • Vent systems
  • Developed length and isometric analysis
  • Indiana business

The plumbing contractor exam covers the same areas, but in greater depth.

The exam still consists of 90 questions and gives applicants three hours to complete it.

Both exams are open book, and a list of allowed references can be found in the Candidate Information Bulletin.

Who Issues Plumbing Licenses in Indiana?

Plumbing licenses are issued by the Indiana Plumbing Commission.

Additional Plumbing Certifications

Indiana does not require or offer any official statewide certifications.

However, while not required, national certifications can help to prove competency and make it easier for plumbers to progress in their careers.

Can I Transfer a Plumbing License to Indiana?

Indiana does not have a plumbing license reciprocity agreement, however they often offer exam and experience level waivers to licensed plumbers from out of state.

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