How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Kentucky

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If you are considering a career as a plumber, it’s a good idea to learn about Kentucky’s licensing rules and requirements. The state requires plumbers to licensed to work in any plumbing job in Kentucky.

Kentucky Plumbing License Requirements

In Kentucky, electricians, HVAC technicians, and plumbers get state licenses.

It’s against the law to provide plumbing services without a license, but apprentices, with proper supervision, do not need licenses to start working.

The state offers two different plumbing license types, including:

  • Journeyman
  • Master

Cost of a Kentucky Plumbing License

The state’s plumbing licenses come at a low cost, and there’s no fee to start an apprenticeship. A journeyman plumber’s licenses costs $60 per year, and master plumbers pay $250 annually.

Licenses must be renewed every year by the end of the holder’s birth month.

Plumbing Licensing Exams

Applicants will pay $50 for a journeyman license exam and $150 for a master plumber’s license exam.

Applications must be filled out accurately and submitted no less than three weeks before the date of the exam.

License applications can be mailed to the Office of Housing, Building, and Construction Division of Plumbing at 500 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY 40601.

  • For master exams, check-in is at 7:30 am and testing starts at 8 am. The maximum completion time is 2.5 hours, and applicants must earn a minimum 80% on each part to pass.
  • For journeyman exams, check-in and start times are the same as for master exams. Journeymen get 2.5 hours to complete the written exam and 2.5 hours to complete the practical exam. Here, test-takers must earn a score of 75% or higher to pass.

Kentucky’s Plumbing Examining Committee has designed these exams to include written questions on basic plumbing principles, as well as practical testing for journeymen.

Exam requirements are stricter for master plumbers because they’re responsible for contracting, supervising, and permitting their work.

Who Issues Kentucky Plumbing Licenses?

Kentucky’s Department of Housing, Building, and Construction Division of Plumbing issues plumbing licenses. Application paperwork can be downloaded from their website or sent via postal mail.

Kentucky Plumber Certification Requirements

To maintain your Kentucky plumbing certification, you’ll need to renew the license yearly. Fees are payable to the state treasurer.

The state’s plumbers are required to undergo continuing education before renewing their licenses, and they must finish a six-hour course from an approved provider every year before renewal.

The Department of Housing, Building, and Construction Division of Plumbing lists accredited providers on their website.

Can I Transfer a Plumbing License to Kentucky?

While Kentucky does not have plumbing license reciprocity, they may consider waiving certain experience requirements for out of state plumbers.